Vassos K. Eliades

Vassos Eliades Ltd has a proficient marketing department, consisting of well-educated and experienced marketing professionals, with profound understanding of the local market. The Marketing Department, smoothly cooperates with the Sales department of the Company, ensuring that our brands and our customers receive profitable and positive results.

The main objective of the marketing department, is the effective brand building, of the products it represents.


It’s primary functions, are:

• Brand Management, in line with each brand’s strategy

• Forecasting, Planning and Budgeting

• The development of the Company’s commercial policy 

• Market Research 

• Consumer behavior research

• Identifying new developments and opportunities in the market

• Above the line advertising

• Organizing PR activities incl. events, conferences, sponsorships

• Organizing in-store activities

• Innovation and implementation of Category Management

• Formulating Customer Trade plans & Tailor made customer plans

• Implementing new trade concepts

• Social Media expertise

Vassos K. Eliades

The merchandising team visits all customers on a regular basis. Key account customers are serviced on a daily basis and the rest on a weekly basis. Merchandisers are responsible for proper product presentation on the shelves as well as proper product rotation on a First In First Out basis.

Vassos K. Eliades

Vassos Eliades Ltd has built a very strong sales force in order to provide good customer service. The sales team services a wide range of customers such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, large and small groceries, wholesalers, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and cellars. Each customer is provided with excellent service. A sales person is responsible only to a small number of customers in order to be able to respond to their demands. The sales persons are responsible for orders, presenting new products to customers and ensuring that all the company’s products have the best possible presentation on the shelves. The sales team works closely with the merchandising team for achieving the best possible result.