Vassos Eliades has started collaborations with various premium spirit brands, expanding its portfolio in the alcohol category and adding to its product list of fine wines that serve the on trade category in Cyprus. 



Ian MacLeod distillers is the world’s 10th largest Scotch Whisky company currently producing and selling over 15 million bottles of spirits every year. It has built up an enviable portfolio of premium quality spirits and is proud brand proprietor of Glengoyne, Tamdhu, Isle of Skye, Smokehead, Lang’s Scotch whiskies and many others. Glengoyne has a wide variety of awarded single malt whiskies and a range of rare collections. 

It’s recent cooperation with Spencerfield Spirit Company contributes to the company’s product portfolio with the famous craft Edinburgh Gin and craft Liqueurs and the whiskies Sheep Dip, Pig’s Nose and The Feathery. 




 The Teeling Family has been crafting Irish Whiskey since 1782 when Walter Teeling set up a craft distillery in Dublin. Now the latest generation of Teelings Jack and Stephen are carrying on the family’s legacy. Their distillery is the first to reopen in Dublin in over 125 years. Their philosophy is to respect the heritage of Irish Whiskey and the tradition that their grandfather began but at the same time to bring in innovation and new ideas for Dublin and Irish Whiskey. Their range of single malt awarded  Irish Whiskeys is worth trying. Vassos Eliades is the distributor of the brand in Cyprus since May 2017.




William Chase is a farmer who produces Chase Vodka and William’s Gin using his own produce raw materials at his farm and distillery in Herefordshire, England. He started in 2008 after his big success in creating world famous Tyrell Crisps. Chase Vodka has been awarded at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition as the best vodka in the world, whereas William’s Gin and Chase Liqueurs have also been awarded in international spirit competitions. Vassos Eliades Ltd. has began the distribution of Chase Vodka and William’s Gin and Liqueurs in May 2017.



Crystal Head Vodka started in Canada by famous actor Dan Aykroyd and artist John Alexander. The bottle’s spectacular shape and the purest vodka made from the finest ingredients made it worldwide famous in only few years. Vassos Eliades Ltd. began its distribution in March 2017.



El Dorado Rum comes from Guyana in South America, where rum is produced on the banks of the Demerara river for the past 3 centuries. El Dorado Rum is internationally awarded and produces more than 20 different varieties to suit every pallet and occasion. Our company represents a big range of El Dorado Rums since March 2017. 



Dos Maderas Rum combines the spirit of two cultures, the Carribbean and the Hispanic giving rise to the exceptional range of rums and providing pure pleasure for the connoisseur. Bodegas Williams Humbert also have a wide range of sherries and gins and Vassos Eliades Ltd. will begin their distribution in May 2017.


Our company started the distribution of Mancino Vermouth in March 2017. The recipe is inspired by the famous Italian bartender Giancarlo Mancino and the product portfolio is comprised by 5 different kinds of vermouth, made with the classic recipe and ingredients of the finest quality. It can be enjoyed neat as an aperitif or used in cocktails. 



Yaguara Cachaça is the product of five generations of the passion of the Meneghel family from Brazil. It is a small batch artisanal cachaça perfectly blended for a refined taste. There are three different blends of cachaça in the awarded portfolio of Yaguara each giving different taste profiles to satisfy the fans of the Brazilian spirit. Vassos Eliades Ltd. will start the distribution of Yaguara Cachaça in May 2017.


A Spanish gin from expert wine makers Williams & Humbert, showcasing an interesting array of botanicals including mango and the intriguing Buddha's Hand...Vassos Eliades Ltd.  began its distribution in June 2017.



Mezcal Nuestra Soledad is a single village mezcal that showcases the differences between the villages of Santiago Matatlán, La Compañía Ejutla, San Luis del Rio, and San Baltazar Guelavila.

Mezcal Nuestra Soledad is born from an ancient tradition and hand-crafted to conserve and retain the centuries-old methods of cultivating and producing this Elixir of the Gods. Each different expression is made from 100% agave Espadín, by the producers of El Jolgorio mezcals, in Oaxaca, Mexico. 



Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto is a blend of bergamot peel, Cedro lemons, chamomile, lavender, gentian, yellow roses and Melissa balm. An aromatic and lightly spicy liqueur which balances honeyed sweetness with rooty bitterness. It was created by specialist GIUSEPPE GALLO who wanted to revive the classic Italian aperitivo “rosolio”. Vassos Eliades Ltd. will begin its distribution in June 2017. 



Scottish Craft beers Innis & Gunn are the new innovative brand of our company since March 2017. The small brewery matures it’s beers in oak barrels producing unique flavors and gaining supporters around the world. You can try Original, Lager and Rum Finish.