Vassos Eliades Ltd. and Nico Lazaridi Winery hosted a celebratory event for the 25 years of Magic Mountain Red wine, the Winery’s flagship wine. 

The event started off with a vertical tasting of old and new vintages of Magic Mountain, which was attended by professionals in the field of wine, such as sommeliers, wine writers and journalists. The event was concluded with a reception held at Pralina Experience Nicosia, where Nico Lazaridi fans enjoyed, amongst others, Magic Mountain red and white wines and exquisite food. The President of the winery Mr. Federico Lazaridi who was present talked about the winery’s course and offered 3 collectible bottles of Magic Mountain, which were auctioned for charity. 

The Magic Mountain wine is premium and is addressed to people with high sense of culture and gastronomy. An “icon wine” that established “Drama”, where it comes from, as a viticultural area and has highlighted Greek and foreign artists with its beautiful etiquettes. The celebrations for 25 Years Magic Mountain were concluded in Cyprus, where the specific wine is highly appreciated by wine lovers and is considered one of the best and most popular aged wines of the market.