Limassol, Cyprus – November 14, 2013Nespresso, the worldwide pioneer in premium portioned coffee, achieves another milestone in its success story with the opening of a Limassol Boutique in Cyprus. In 2013, Nespresso has completed successfully 20 years of presence on the island, and this is the second addition to its Boutique portfolio with an already existing Boutique in Nicosia.

Located at the Olympic Residence, the Nespresso Boutique will serve a discerning clientele in Limassol’s most exclusive shopping and leisure location; home to some of the world’s most luxurious and fashionable brands.

Speaking at the launch of the Boutique, Nespresso Regional Manager for the Middle East, Africa and Caribbean, Pierre Debayle said: “Cyprus was the first market to be opened with a distribution agreement. 20 years later, we have still the same partner and Nespresso has built a strong presence on the island. It is remarkable! We are very proud to celebrate this journey today and grateful for all the excellent work that has been done by Vassos Eliades Ltd“.

Vassos K Eliades, General Manager of Vassos Eliades Ltd, the exclusive distributor for Nespresso in Cyprus said of the new store opening: “We are proud to announce that as of today, Limassol is placed on the map of Nespresso Boutiques around the world. Nespresso lovers in Limassol will now be able to find their favorite coffees as well as the latest machines and accessories in this specially designed environment, making every visit to the Boutique a unique experience.”

The new Limassol Nespresso Boutique will provide customers with a comfortable and relaxed coffee tasting and shopping experience with designated zones displaying the wide variety of Grand Cru coffee on offer, along with the full selection of Nespresso machines and accessories to suit every style and preference.

The Limassol Nespresso Boutique has been designated to provide a personalized service and respond to specific needs of Nespresso Club Members. For those who prefer a full immersion in the art of Nespresso coffee tasting, a Coffee Specialist is at hand to guide them through the extensive selection of Grand Cru coffees, creating a personalized journey for each client from the beginning. Boutique visitors can also learn more about the world of Nespresso; its unique brewing and extracting system and its range of coffee machines and accessories.

To reflect the commitment of Nespresso to the highest quality and personalized engagement with each and every customer, guests at the press conference were able to enjoy specially made dessert creations using Nespresso coffee, prepared by renowned Chef Ambassador in Cyprus, Mr. Panicos Hadjittofi.


Nespresso Limassol Boutique, Olympic Residence, 353, 28th October Street, 3107, Limassol, Cyprus

Opening hours: 9:00am to 7:00pm daily

To order capsules or for more information on Nespresso in Cyprus, customers can call the Nespresso Club: 80002233



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