2013 is the year that marks 100 years of successful cooperation between Nestlé, the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company, and Vassos Eliades Ltd, the official importer and distributor of Nestlé products in Cyprus.

This long-lasting relationship began in 1913, when Vassos K. Eliades was employed at the then sales office of Nestlé products in Cyprus. Very soon he was appointed by the Nestlé office in Alexandria of Egypt as General Supervisor for the promotion and sales of Nestlé products in Cyprus. Nestlé, having recognized the hard work and the very good results of Vassos K. Eliades appointed the newly formed company VASSOS ELIADES LTD representative of Nestlé products in Cyprus. In the years that came, the sales of Nestlé products in Cyprus, like Milkmaid, Nestlé chocolates and Nestlé Farine Lactée, continued to rise. In the meantime new product categories were added to the product range, like Nescafé Instant Coffee and Maggi soups and bouillons. In 1963, in Lausanne Switzerland, Vassos K. Eliades was honored by Nestlé for 50 years of cooperation. After the death of it’s founder in 1975, the company’s management was taken over by his two sons, George and Kypros, marking a new era of development for the company. Today, Nestlé products hold the first place in Cypriot consumers’ preferences. The third generation has already joined the company, continuing the growth and success of Nestlé products in Cyprus.

On September 11th 2013, in the central offices of Nestlé, in Vevey, Switzerland, Mr. Laurent Freixe, Zone Director for Europe honored Vassos Eliades Ltd., the owners George and Kypros Eliades and the General Manager Vassos K. Eliades, for 100 years of successful cooperation. The ceremony was also attended by Messieurs Laurent Dereux, CEO of Nestlé Hellas, Pavlos Kiortsis, Zone Europe Head of Operations and John Lazarides, Executive Divisional Manager of Nestlé Hellas.       


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